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Hello, I’m Matthew. Welcome!

Being a strength and conditioning coach within a professional sports organization is a complex and multifaceted role. Much of the foundation for a team’s success happens outside of the gym, but a modern, science-based strength and conditioning program can compliment and greatly enhance the sport-specific training done by the athletes on the court, field or ice. The ability to correct an individual’s biomechanical deficiencies and build their power and fitness can dramatically improve a team’s overall performance. 

 I’ve been very fortunate to work under some of the world leaders in sports science and performance, including the skilled medical and performance teams of the highly respected Peak Performance Project (Santa Barbara, California), University of California, Santa Barbara, and the 2013 NBA championship winning San Antonio Spurs. I am presently contributing all my efforts to the rebuild of the decorated Toronto Maple Leafs, as their Head Strength & Conditioning Coach.